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Traditional Bridal Wedding Bouquet Preservation 

Keep Your Bouquet Forever!

The history of two-dimensional dried and pressed flower preservation dates back to Victorian times and is the most reliable method of preserving your wedding bouquet for a lifetime.   Although flower colors may fade somewhat and "antique" over time, the arrangement (which is held together under the pressure of the glass) will remain intact and serve as a beautiful, cherished reminder of your special day.

Bridal Bouquet Preservation 
Bridal Bouquet Preservation Alabama and Delaware

I  relocated to Alabama in March 2012, but I am continuing to advertise in the Delaware region also since I had operated my business there for over 25 years and still have many ties to the area!      I have years of experience in drying bouquets...many examples are shown so you can get a feel for the consistency and style of her arrangements and a sense of how different types of flowers turn out in the drying process.  You can also get a sense of what different colored flowers look like on various colored fabrics. 


Sizes of these example pieces below ranged from 11 x 14 to 16 x 20.  You can click on each image below to see the "before" picture of the bouquet.  A complete Bouquet Archive is shown at bottom of this page.  Certain types and colors of flowers will deepen in shade during the drying process.  In general, most types of flowers will hold their initial dried color for several years, and then the natural fading process (which cannot be avoided when preserving organic materials such as flowers) will take a slow and very gradual course, giving the piece an antiqued look.  Artist mentions fading so that you will understand what to expect, not to discourage you!  You are sure to be pleased with the finished result of the artist's work and it will be a beautiful keepsake for future generations.   See pricing and other information links below...  

Bridal Bouquet Preservation Bridal Bouquet Preservation
Bridal Bouquet Preservation Bridal Bouquet Preservation
Bridal Bouquet Preservation Bridal Bouquet Preservation
Bridal Bouquet Preservation Bridal Bouquet Preservation
Bridal Bouquet Preservation 
(Above)   Bouquet Preservation Using
Bride's Dress With Rainbow Sash and Beading
Bridal Bouquet Preservation Alabama 
(Above and Below)  Bouquets Preservation Using Lace and Fabric From Mother's Wedding Dress
Framed Bridal Bouquet Preservation  Framed Bridal Bouquet Preservation 
(Below) 5 x 7 Bridesmaid Keepsake
Bridesmaid Bouquet Preservation Keepsake
(Below) 5 x 7 Bridesmaid Keepsake
Bridesmaid Bouquet Preservation Keepsake
Funeral Flower Keepsakes
I can also create keepsakes using funeral flowers and other photos, obituaries and calligraphy as a remembrance of a loved one who has passed.  Below are some example pieces created for family members.
Funeral Flower Preservation
Funeral Flowers Preservation Keepsake 
Pricing and Orders Preservation Process Shipping Instructions Fabric Selections Frame Selections
For hand delivery of flowers to my Trinity, AL studio, I am conveniently local to areas in Decatur, Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Tuscumbia, Moulton and Hartselle.  For additional fees, I may travel partway to meet for delivery of flowers.  I also accept flower shipments from all states nationwide and will return ship via UPS. 
More Archived Examples of Bouquet Preservation in Slide Show Below

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