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The following are some excerpts/photos from clients and thank you notes since I started my business in 1989.

(Above) "Eileen, thank you again for somehow having created exactly what I pictured in my head. My best friend and her now husband loved it so much they hung it in their dining room before they even had the wedding!!!  I snapped a picture to show you.  Thank you again, Alison " 
See Tree With Roots Grown Together Personalized Design
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with Photo References Used
"Hi Eileen: Just a brief note to thank you once again for the beautiful painting. I did want to let you know that I presented it to my daughter for her birthday and she loved it.  She immediately cried and asked how I did that.  We put it on display on an easel at her wedding right near the table of place cards when guests entered the room.  Everyone loved it.  My daughter looked gorgeous, everything went smoothly, and everyone had a great time.  The weather that day was perfect and we got gorgeous pictures! I hope all is well with you and that you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks, Paula"
German Shepherd 
(Above)  "I was so excited to get the painting in the mail.   It was like Christmas morning.  My expectations were exceeded with the end result.  Eileen captured the "personality" of my sweet Sadie.  She improved upon the picture that I sent to her by adding the pretty yellow flowers.   I also very much appreciated the fact that Eileen checked in with me throughout the process to get my opinion, especially since I am in Delaware and she is in Alabama.  I highly recommend Eileen and her work."--Pam Connelly 
(Left)  "His favorite corner in the new office.    As usual, Eileen has done an outstanding job with these paintings."--Kemal Erkan, United Medical LLC
(Left)   "It's beautiful!"--a photo and a comment from Steve, in my follow-up email to make sure he received his "Cord of Three Strands" piece alright
(Right) Client giving speech at a 50th Anniversary Celebration in Ireland, with the Custom Family Trees on the easel displays.
(Left)  Hand Calligraphy of two writings by Thomas Aquinas, with illuminated lettering and highlights.  Hung in Catholic Church in California.
"Dear Eileen, Yesterday,we received your beautiful framed artwork. It's absolutely lovely! We just want to tell you how much we appreciate all your work to create such a special gift for our son & daughter-in-law! Thank you SO much!"
--Mary Anne & Joe
(6/14/13; ordered These Hands Calligraphy print with custom drawing of hands, see below)

(Above) Bride and Groom open their "These Hands" calligraphy at wedding reception.
(Below) A Texas couple holding their Blue Bonnets landscape retirement gift
(Below) Framed artwork in Doctor's Office
(Below)  A client holds a portrait of his mother and siblings together.
(Right) "I commissioned Eileen to paint our family home. My parents bought this house in 1955; Dad moved out in 2009 and sold the house. When the painting was presented to Dad and hung in his new room, tears of joy flowed."--Michael Dutton

"Every day I walk downstairs, enter my kitchen, and I see the home I grew up in.  Even though it was done from a photo, there is something special about this water color painting that brings out the warmth and natural feeling of something created the same way a family was created while we lived there.  Subtle shadings and small deviations add warmth to this scene that were not in the photo had we simply had it blown up and framed.  To truly immortalize something special in your life, have Eileen Slifer paint it for you -- it will add warmth and joy to your life!"--Donald Dutton
Custom House Portraits in Watercolor
(Above)   The Dutton Home
(Left)   Cameron and John's Wedding
"One of Dad's golfing buddies pointed out there was a partial rainbow during the Father/Daughter dance.   I mentioned it to Eileen--and there it is in the painting!   You have exceeded our expectations-you captured the mood perfectly.  You were such a pleasure to work with.   Thank you so much.--Karen Snell, Mother of the Bride, 5/25/13

(Left)   Cameron and John's Wedding
"Eileen, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with us at our wedding.   You exceeded our expectations by far and we cannot wait to share our beautiful new painting with everyone who enters
our home!"--Cameron and John, 5/25/13 


"Eileen, Just had to write to tell you how pleased I am with this item.  I'm not a customer who is easily impressed and since I, too, do calligraphy, I was honestly a little skeptical of what this might look like.  Not having the time to work on it myself before the wedding, I figured I'd give your piece a I ever happy I did!  This is striking and the happy couple will absolutely LOVE it.  Thank you very much and if you ever need a reference, give me a shout!  Thanks again, Abby..."  (July 17, 2001; ordered the "I Corinthians 13" with roses custom wedding piece)

"I did receive word from my best friend in Boston that she received the piece you did for me and she said 'It's the nicest gift anyone has ever given us.'  I am sorry that I gave you such short notice and I should have put a later date on there but I didn't want to guess.  I thought if I just put 8/1 you would do it as soon as you could.  I have not been able to see the piece in person yet (I'm in Colorado) but Tena has assured me that it is gorgeous and said she will take some pictures of it to send to me until I can make it out there to see it for myself.  Thank you for getting it done so quickly!  It made the perfect anniversary gift.  Regards, Gail..."  (August 25, 2000; ordered the "Cord of 3 Strands" piece)

"Dear Eileen...We just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that we love the "Cord of Three Strands" that you did for us.  Both Doug and I love the calligraphy.  It hangs in a very prominent place next to our framed wedding invitation.  Thank you again for a very treasured piece of art.  In Him, Laura and Doug..."

"Very beautiful!!  I bought it for my parent's 50th anniversary and they love it.  Lisa..."  ("A Cord of Three Strands")

"Your work is beautiful and very impressive.  Thank you, Roberta..."  ("A Cord of Three Strands")

"The families, staff, and volunteers of the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware thank you for spending time doing caricatures for the children..."  (April 13, 2001)

"Hi Eileen, I received the keepsake yesterday and gave it to my husband last night.  I'm totally thrilled with it; it's absolutely beautiful and we both love it.  We will hang it in a prominent place in our bedroom.  Thank you so much, we will treasure it forever.  Sincerely, Eva..."  (October 27, 2000; ordered custom calligraphy work of wedding vows with watercolor lilies--can click to see the actual piece)

"Dear Eileen, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we appreciate the lovely talent God has given you.  The print you did for our anniversary is beautiful.  Thank you so much.  God Bless, June and Charlie..."  (was given "I Corinthians 13" with ivy custom wedding piece)

"Dear Eileen:  Thank you so very much for being so kind as to let me have the framed copy of David's picture.  You 'caught' the essence of David.  It was an unusual gift to those who loved our son.  Bill and I wanted you to know how very much we appreciated it.  Love, Alice and Bill..."

"Dear Eileen, Thank you sooo much for Rachel's picture.  It is beautiful.  I pray God will bless your business (and family) richly for your generosity.  Thanks and Love ya, Judy and Steve and Rachel..."

"Dear Eileen, Thank you for serving our children as art instructor this year.  I appreciate your heart for the students and your ability to glorify God with your art expertise.  Sincerely, Nancy..."  (June 1, 2000)

"Dear Eileen, I visited your web page this evening...The Lord certainly gave you a great talent.  I am very proud that you are my daughter-in-law by marriage.  Love, Janet..."  (August 31, 2000)

"Thank you for your ministry of artwork.  The Lord bless you in your work for Him.  For His Glory, Carol..."  (November 22, 2000)

"Thank you for your patience and care in helping make my husband's birthday extra special...Sincerely, Amy..."  (May 9, 2001; ordered custom framing job of special wedding photo, with calligraphy added)

"Eileen, Thank you so much for doing the Shower invitations for Suzanne.  They were absolutely beautiful and we have received many compliments on them.  Thanks again for making them special.  Barbara..." 




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