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"A Cord of Three Strands"TM

Personalized Wedding/Anniversary Gift:

Calligraphy Design With Couple's Names Entwined with Names of God

"A Cord of Three Strands"TM is an original calligraphy design that celebrates marriage as the union of three, not just two, with Christ in the center. A close look reveals the names of the couple joined together by thirty-two biblical names and attributes of God to form an unbroken triple-stranded cord, the strongest in the woven border design. The piece portrays both partners following the Lord on the winding path of life, involving Him in every aspect of their life together, and visually symbolizes God's loving embrace of the couple. It serves as a beautiful and creative testimony of faith and as a reminder of the blessings that flow from a faith-filled life in Christ.  This archival artwork print is personalized with the names of two spouses and their wedding date.  The piece is available by custom order, with a variety of frames, matting and strand highlight colors to choose from.  The artwork is available in both 11" X 14" and 18" X 22 1/2"  framed sizes (specify size desired on order form).  To view the artwork at it's approximate full size, click the thumbnail below.

A Cord of Three Strands Personalized Calligraphy Gift Click to Enlarge

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Wedding Invitations Using
"A Cord of Three Strands"TM Design

New!   "A Cord of Three Strands"TM Matte
Around Wedding Invitation or Photograph
Recently a customer requested to have the "Cord of Three Strands"TM design put around a wedding invitation (or photo) and this is what I came up with.   Since wedding invitations vary in size, the details and pricing will vary on this.   Cost is  $85.00 + $15 shipping (artwork matte only) and size is approximately 12 x 16.   Larger 18 x 22.5 approximate size is $140 +$20 shipping (artwork matte only).   If printing of photo to be used is needed that is an additional $5.  Framing is additional based on selection.  If you are interested in ordering one of these please Contact me with your request and we will work out the details and payment via email.
(Please note that lighting varies on the photos below, actual print background on design is a creamy parchment, somewhere in shade between first image and those below it...)

12 x 16 Matted Only
12 x 16 with Deluxe Custom Frame
And here is another idea (below),
using a photograph and matting it out to a large 18 x 22.5 framed size!
A Cord of Three Strands Personalized Calligraphy Gift with Photo


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