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Custom Designed Calligraphy

Many times clients come to me with something special in mind. I am often excited and challenged by their very interesting and creative ideas! Perhaps it is a well-loved poem, verse or original writing -- something of significance to them and to the person they intend to give it to. Maybe they have an idea of a color scheme or special artwork to accompany the calligraphy. They just need someone to "do up!" their idea.

I work with the client and their idea to design either a hand-done or computerized calligraphy piece which will express what they have in mind. All computerized calligraphy is done using my own "hand-designed" fonts (I scanned my own, unique calligraphy "hand"into a program which makes it a font) so it looks almost hand-done!  Archival quality prints are then made, up to 13 X 19 inches in size.  Scanned artwork images are also available to embellish computerized calligraphy pieces.

Whether for a wedding or other special occasion, or as a gift to yourself, you will be pleased by the personalized work! You receive a quality, ideal gift that can't be found in the mass-produced marketplace. In addition, the piece can be custom framed on location, eliminating the need to spend additional time in taking the piece to a framer for completion of the project. Please inquire for more details or for a no-obligation estimate on your idea!

(Customer comment below from above piece)

"I am so pleased with the piece you did, you really caught the complete idea in my head, and put in on paper. It is exactly as I wanted. You listened to me 100%. You know, when you go to the hairdresser and you tell them what you want, and you wind up with a haircut just like the teenager that  left before you...they never listen to you. You did listen, and I am so grateful!  Far exceeds our expectations! Every color is exactly as we wanted! Is there a place on your website that I can write a review? I'd like to."   Thank you, Rita & Andrew, Middletown, DE

Smokey Mountains Custom Calligraphy and Artwork
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Custom Calligraphy Wedding Toast With Portrait

Custom Calligraphy Design Wedding Vows with Portrait 
Designing Your Custom Piece
Custom Calligraphy Gift



Wedding Portrait with Calligraphy Vows 
Watercolor Portrait with Calligraphy Father Daughter Dance at Wedding  I Hope You Dance Calligraphy 
"I Hope You Dance"
personalized graduation gift

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Graduation Gift Ideas Here
Quaker Custom Marriage Wedding Certificate  (Left and Below)  Modified Quaker Style Wedding Signature Document, Hand Calligraphy and Artwork

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Custom Wedding Certificate for Guests to Sign  Click to Enlarge

Click to See Framed Piece with Guest Signatures


Custom Calligraphy Family Tree
(Above)  Hand-Done Family Tree
Click Here for Details on Family Tree

Custom Calligraphy Wedding Vows with Portrait
Computerized Poem with Portrait

(Above)  Hand-Done Graduation Gift

(Above)  Computerized Calligraphy Wedding Vows

(Above) Hand-Done Valentine's Calligraphy Gift

(Above) Hand-Done Calligraphy For Girl

(Above)  Hand-Done Wedding Vows With Watercolor Lilies Painted

(Above)  Hand-Done Calligraphy and Watercolor Painting

(Above) Hand-Done Calligraphy Poem

(Above)  Computerized Calligraphy Retirement Gift With Scanned Pre-Made Artwork

(Above) Very Large Hand-Done Wedding Vows With Portrait

(Above) Hand-Done Quaker Wedding Certificate With Hand-Painted Watercolor Artwork
of Church and Reception Themed Flowers and Bamboo

Thomas Aquinas Calligraphy  
(Above) Hand Calligraphy of two writings by Thomas Aquinas,
with illuminated lettering and highlights.  Click to See Framed Photos.


Below is my Archive of more past work that may help you to have ideas about which artwork to use, layout, fonts, paper backgrounds, etc. 
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Simple Man

Children are Like Kites

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