Designing Your Custom Piece

The first step is to Contact Me to receive a price quotation.   Please let me know whether you prefer hand or computerized calligraphy, the approximate desired finished size of the artwork (not including framing), what type of artwork (if any) you may wish to include, and whether you want it framed.   If you have the text please include it in the email or as an attached file.  

Artwork Images You May Select For Your Custom Designed Computer Calligraphy

The following are samples of  artwork images, most of which are the artist's original creations (or clip-art modified and embellished by artist).  When creating a piece using the artist's own, personally-designed calligraphy fonts, you can select from these images to go with your piece.  Modifications can be made to any of the images you see, such as repeating the image or cutting part of it out, sizing, etc.  In some cases color modifications may be made.  There is an additional charge for adding images to computerized calligraphy pieces.  The cost of adding the artist's computer-stored images to your piece will vary, depending on the amount of work it involves and the amount of color archival inks used.  Please mention the image and/or alteration you are interested in when you inquire for your individualized price quotation.

1.  Light pink-peach roses

2.  Red roses

3.  Ivy corner

4. Grapes corner

5.  Long red roses corner

6.  Long pink roses border

7.  Ivy and red roses corner

7a.  Purple ivy and roses corner

8.  Clematis

9.  Lilies

10. Single Rose

11.  Pansies

12.  Hydrangea corner

13.  Light pink-peach heart

14.  Fuchsia pink rose heart

15.  Iris

16.  Arch

17.  Fancy scroll capitals

18.  Grassy fern

19.  Fancy parchment capitals

20.  Light parchment printable background

21.  Medium parchment printable background

22.  Scroll

23. Celtic Braid border

24. Wave border

25. Petite flowers border

27. Celtic Cross

29. More Pink Roses

31.  Friends on a Swing
(can customize with calligraphy of your choice)

34.  Pink Lilies

37. Sky and Butterfly Background

39.  Bluejay

41.   Tall Iris Flowers

26. Cross with rings (ivy or other flowers optional)

28.  Beach Theme/Shells
(There are several variations on this,
with or without hearts or including multiple shells;
names can be written in heart to look like writting in the sand)

30.  Sunflower

32.  Palms

33.  Hibiscus

35.  Clover #1

36. Clover #2

38.  Fall Oak Leaves and Acorns

40.  Pansies #2

42.  Palm #1

43.   Palm #2                                   44.   Palm #3

45.   Beach Paper #1
46.   Beach Paper #2
47.   Beach Paper #3
48.   Shells (Can go with Beach Paper #1)
49.   Beach Paper #4
50.   Beach Paper #5
51.   Beach with Gull
(Calligraphy can go over upper left)

52.   Field Lilies
(can put at bottom with poem above it)

53.   Sunset
(Calligraphy can go over upper left) 
Artwork two trees grown together roots grown together
54.   Two trees and roots grown together
(Pink blossoms version)
Good for wedding vows/poems
Artwork two trees grown together roots grown together 
55.   Two trees and roots grown together
(Black and White version)
Good for wedding vows/poems
Artwork two trees grown together roots grown together
56.   Two trees and roots grown together
(White blossoms version)
Good for wedding vows/poems
57.   Sunflowers
58.  Lemons
59.   Irises and Calla Lillies
60.  Strawberries
61.  Red Raspberries
62.   Peaches
63. Christmas Holly
64.  Dewberries
65.  Ears of Corn
66.   Corn Stalk
67.   Cherries
68.  Canteloupe
69.  Blueberries
70.  Blackberries
71.  Apples
72.  Basket of Apples
73.   Ears of Corn
74.  Blue Hydrangreas and Red Rose corners

75.  Yellow Flowers #1

76.  Yellow Flowers #2

77.  Yellow Petunias

78.  Yellow Hollyhocks

79.  Yellow Tulips

80.  Dogwoods

81.   Yucca flower

82.   Yellow Columbine

83.   White Lily

84.   Varigated Roses

85.  Daffodils

86.   Purple flowers

87.   Oak Leaf Hydrangea

88.   Purple Balloon Flowers

89.   Pink Roses #1

90.  Pink Roses #2

91.  Multi Colored Tulips

92.  Orange and Yellow Tulips

93.  Pink Tulips

94.  Pink Lily

95.   Purple Phlox

96.  Lenten Rose

97.  Pink flowers

98.  Yellow daisy

99.   Coneflower

100.   Grape Hyacinth

101.  Blue flower

102.  Blue Phlox

103.  Clematis #1

104.  Clematis #2

105.  White Iris

106.  Poppies

107.  Red Tulips

108.  Peonies #1

109.  Peonies #2

110.  Peonies #3