Matte Selections

"Regular" acid-free matte board is commonly used for custom framing work, although in time it may show signs of fading in its color and its core.  This fading may or may not be very noticeable, and may take years or happen within a shorter time.  Much depends on the climate and light conditions that the framed piece is exposed to.  Natural sunlight and florescent lighting will cause more rapid fading in all prints, original artwork and matting.  It is best to avoid hanging pictures of any sort in direct exposure to the sun.  Please keep this in mind as you select a spot to display your framed work so that you can minimize the natural fading process of all color artwork and matting as much as possible.  Exposure to moisture or extreme elements is also not recommended.   Many clients find that regular matte board is sufficient for their purposes.

However, for original artwork, old photos, wedding guest signature mattes, etc. it is recommended that you consider upgrading your matting selection to archival rag museum matte board.  This product is described by its manufacturer as follows:

"100% rag core and backing paper, 100% Acid and Lignin-free.  All Components 100% Acid-Free, Buffered, pH 8.5 to 9.5"  (Artist may also use similar quality products made by other manufacturers, which would be described in a comparable way).

Archival rag museum matte board will provide the maximum resistance to the natural fading process of matting and will give extra protection from potentially harmful long-term affects to your priceless artwork, photos and keepsakes.

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