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Custom Quaker Style
Guest Signature Marriage Certificates

Example (See Below For Details of Creating Your Own Unique Piece!)

Quaker Style Custom Marriage Certificate with Guest Signatures 
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All pricing to be custom quoted based on size and printing method (or original hand work) needed; and floral, calligraphy and signature line editing required.   If interested please Contact Me to discuss your custom piece and receive an individualized price quotation.   Please include how many guest signature lines you need and what type of flowers (or other images) you want me to arrange on your piece from the selections shown below, and an idea of how much or the exact text as you want it to appear.  (If this won't fit under comments on the form you can email me later when I respond). 
Below are floral images that I painted which can be used in your design.   You pick the flowers and I will cut and paste and arrange them together to fit your piece.   I can also create new original artwork for your piece in keeping with your theme or I can paint your venue.  Please see images of previous pieces shown below which were done by hand.  Also, Click Here to see additional scanned images which can be selected for your piece.

75.  Yellow Flowers #1

76.  Yellow Flowers #2

77.  Yellow Petunias

78.  Yellow Hollyhocks

79.  Yellow Tulips

80.  Dogwoods

81.   Yucca flower

82.   Yellow Columbine

83.   White Lily

84.   Varigated Roses

85.  Daffodils

86.   Purple flowers

87.   Oak Leaf Hydrangea

88.   Purple Balloon Flowers

89.   Pink Roses #1

90.  Pink Roses #2

91.  Multi Colored Tulips

92.  Orange and Yellow Tulips

93.  Pink Tulips

94.  Pink Lily

95.   Purple Phlox

96.  Lenten Rose

97.  Pink flowers

98.  Yellow daisy

99.   Coneflower

100.   Grape Hyacinth

101.  Blue flower

102.  Blue Phlox

103.  Clematis #1

104.  Clematis #2

105.  White Iris

 106.  Poppies

107.  Red Tulips

108.  Peonies #1

109.  Peonies #2

110.  Peonies #3
Examples of Custom Hand-Painted Certificates
with Guest Signatures
Quaker Custom Marriage Wedding Certificate (Left and Below)  Modified Quaker Style Wedding Signature Document, Hand Calligraphy and Artwork

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Custom Wedding Certificate for Guests to Sign Click to Enlarge

Click to See Framed Piece with Guest Signatures

Quaker Marriage Certificate Calligraphy Guest Signatures



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