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Artwork and Calligraphy Notecards and Products by Eileen Slifer Sunstrom

 I have done notecards for many years which I make available at shows and in my studio gift gallery, but now you can make selections on-line!  Because at this point it is too labor intensive to code all of these "small items" to go into my shopping cart, please just browse and make note of your selections and the quantities desired, then send me a message using the Contact form giving me all the details.  When I know how many you want and where it is shipping to, I will then email you back with a total price that includes shipping and information for paying by PayPal or by check.  Also, if you are ordering other items on the site at the same time, I may be able to include some card selections with no additional shipping!  If I see that these cards sell well on-line, then someday I will find time to do all the intensive work to get them into the shopping cart...but for now, here they are...enjoy!!!  Cards come with envelopes and measure 5 X 7 inches, folded and blank inside.  Please note that many of these cards are also available as larger, frame-able prints...please check out Prints and Originals For Sale if interested.

Pricing:  $3.00 per card.


Notecards from the series "In the Garden"


"Pink Hydrangea"


"Hibiscus #3"



"Oak Leaf Hydrangea" 

"Morning Glories" 

"Blue Hydrangeas" 

"White Dahlias" 


"Bleeding Hearts"


"Ginger Flower"

"Hibiscus #1" 

"Hibiscus #2" 



"June Passion" 

"Clematis Collage" 

"Reds of June" 

Children's Artwork Notecards

"Welcome to Our World" 

"En Plein Air" 

"Seasons Meet"

Other Artwork Notecards

"Barring Together"


"Hickory Nuts"

"Jockey Ridge, Outer Banks NC""

"Planes" from The Model Maker Book

"Moonlight on Rockford Tower"


"Tree at Twilight"

Notecard with Two Sleeping Cats 
Calligraphy Notecards

"Joy is Peace Dancing"

"The Serenity Prayer" (Full Version)

"To Everything There is a Season"

"Work, Love, Dance"


Whimsical Design Notecards

"Rise and Shine, Sleepy Sunflower"


"Feed Me"

"Two Dogs"


"Girl With Horse"
Girl With Horse 
"The Comfy Chair"
The Comfy Chair 

Notecards from the series "All Dressed Up For Childhood"

"Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?" 

"Let the Sun Shine In" 

"Paperbag Soldier" 


"See No Dirt, Speak No Dirt, Hear No Dirt" 

"It's Showtime, Folks!" 

"This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Two of Us" 

"Jellybean Brothers" 

"Left Behind at the Mall" 

"Lions and Tigers and Bears,
Oh My!" 


Notecards Made From Scans of Dried Flower Arrangements
(Not Actually Dried Flowers, But Looks Really Cool!!!)

If you find these interesting, be sure to check out
Bridal Bouquet Preservation!  I can preserve special flower arrangements for any occasion, or just to make a beautiful framed picture!


Dried Flower Card #3

Dried Flower Card #4

Dried Flower Card #5

Dried Flower Card #6

Dried Flower Card #7

Dried Flower Card #8

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