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Instructions For Your Invitation List

Your lists (please do two separate lists, one for your outer envelopes and one for your inner envelopes) should be in a straightforward, single column format with information exactly as you want it to appear. Common abbreviations (except for such as Mr., Mrs., and Ms.) should not be used; all words should be spelled out completely (ex. Road, Street, Apartment, Post Office Box, etc., as well as state names). It is recommended that you consult a wedding guide for specific instructions regarding use of titles and names on both the outer and inner envelopes. Information may vary slightly from guide to guide concerning the finer points of etiquette. However, most would agree that the outer envelope should have the guest's complete name and proper title (for example, "Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Moore," or "Doctor Raymond Miller", or "Mrs. Edward Smith"). The use of middle names is permissible but not necessary; however, the use of middle initials is discouraged. The inner envelope should only say "Mr. and Mrs. Moore," for example, dropping the first name. You should never use "and family" on the outer envelope. Children's names should be listed on the second line of the inner envelope. Sometimes informal names are used on the inner envelopes for those closest to the bride and groom (for example, "Nana," "Uncle Bill," or "Mom and Dad"). Occasionally, some will choose an informal approach for many or all of their guests, using names such as "Kevin and Barbara" on the inner envelope, even though the wedding guide may not recommend that form. It is your decision as to the level of formality and form you wish to adhere to.

Please make sure you proofread your list carefully.
Upon completion of each hand-addressed envelope, it is carefully proofread by artist  in accordance with the information supplied. Type written lists are preferred, but your list may be handwritten if your writing is clear. Also, artist does not like to work with lists that are in a "spread sheet format," as it is much more difficult to follow a clear "flow" of the relevant information. "Spread sheets" do just that---they spread the information out in a way that is less straightforward to work with when trying to concentrate on quality calligraphy and accuracy.  Please avoid spread sheets by extracting the information into two separate Word docs. 

Separate Outer Envelope File should be formatted like this:
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Lyons
14 Newbrook Way
Newark, Delaware  19711
Ms. Karen Thompson
1159 South Avenue
Wilmington, Delaware  19808
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Adams
49 Amstel Road
Wilmington, Delaware  19808
Separate Inner Envelope File should be formatted like this:
Mr. and Mrs. Lyons

Ms. Thompson and Guest

Mr. and Mrs. Adams
Eliza, Benjamin and Douglas 

Information For Your Placecard List

Your list should be in a straightforward, block-style format with information exactly as you want it to appear.   Below is an example of how your list should appear showing a couple and a single.  Guests of a single as well as children attending should have their own placecards.    Please double space between each entry and keep lines flush left.  Please contact if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Lyons
Table 2
Mr. Robert Shelby
Table 9

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