Glass Selections

Just as climate and lighting conditions can affect the longevity of your matting and artwork in regard to fading and protection of original works, so can the glass selection make a difference.  (Please read about matte selections if you have not already). 

For many clients, "regular" glass is sufficient for their needs.  However, some choose "regular non-glare" to minimize glare and reflections.  This does not eliminate glare and reflections entirely, but it does greatly reduce the effects.  This type of glass may appear slightly dull from some angles but is still a pleasing alternative to the typical room reflections which appear in most framed work.

Also available is "conservation" glass, which provides  UV protection to help minimize fading.   This is especially recommended for work which is to be hung in offices with florescent lighting.  Conservation glass also comes in "non-glare," as described above.

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